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  • Billy, good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are doin well. Well, Tim Casey bought Fouts old F-250 before the Parker race. So we're back at at La Paz Racing in the BITD series #8108/ stock full. Got 3rd in the points this year learning bout the truck. Also ran the Baja 500...had a transmission fire while leading class by 45 mins near La Ventana. We're still at the same race shop in Brea...stop by and say hi...see ya later...Dave M.
    HAHA, thanks for the post Billy. Robert was stressing all weekend about it. But if I know Robert, he will absolutley get it done for you!! Good luck and be safe down there. I'll be rooting for you guys!!
    dont you have a car to prep and i need to bring the body panels out to primm for gary is danny coming out next weekend ? i ran into him at V2R at pit #3
    Happy Birthday Billy!!!!
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