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  • hey robbie, did you get the private message I sent back in June? you guys doing V2R?
    Good.. we lapped 2nd place in our class and won the points for the year even after missing one race! Yeah I stared at you for a min but you didnt see me, then after you guys got your trophy you were gone! Maybe next time!
    WTF ??? I didnt even see you. I was watching my kids and sitting on the floor. Why didnt you come by and say Hi ?? How did you guys do ?
    Yeah. First impressions are everything in this world and if the guy running MORE wants to talk to his customers like this, than I will race somewhere else. Like I said, I will just donate my money straight to the source but not on MORE's behalf. Besides, SNORE will be putting on a Powder Puff race it looks like so I will have my wife race there where they know how to treat people nicely.
    The girls who won the Mint thing .. or I should clarify are in the "final 3" ... all had those auto voter computer system things. So whatever, I pretty much gave up on that deal a while ago ... sucks when people can't do things the right way. Round 1 of the Lucas series is coming up quickkk so I am stoked on that! I have been busy as usual, all over the place! Good luck out at the Mint! I've heard a lot of good things about USDR. Anything new/exciting with you?
    Hey hey ... I haven't been to a D37 race in AGESSSS .. We are headed out to the dual euro this weekend in Lucerne! Just wanted to drop by and say heyyy! Hope all is well your way. Give the lil one a hug for me.
    Be safe and run fast out there. Keep it on all fours. Well be rootin for you guys on the internet...LOL.. Sorry Im going to miss it, see ya at Taft though.

    Okk .. Since you asked... here are my real official plans...

    Leave for Primm EARLYYYY Sat a.m. watch the races, etc. then it's off to Lake Powell for the week... then drive straight through Fri to make it home in time for CORR as I just signed on with a company to assist at their set up! After all of that, I find myself sitting at home relaxing the following weekend.. I don't even know what weekend V2R is? I may be gone for it? haha ... I know I will be working the remaining 4 CORR events as of this point... other than that, it's focus on our GP!
    Hey buddy!~ Just work .. work .. workin'! Tryin' to make a dolla! I am going out to Primm this weekend.. Then I will be at Pomona CORR the following weekend!~ WHat are you up to? Excited for the BEST GP of the year!?
    I couldn't find you on my stupid list! So I thought we weren't! I sent that link on the D37 board to the RTT guy!~ You guys said some kind things about him and thought he should take a gander at his product being talked about!~
    I'm sad we aren't RDC friends. You are going to be soooooo stoked on our GP this year! I am making a special sign for certain whiners when it comes to a certain section! ha! We were trying to do a 100 mile'r but it's looking like it's not going to happen this year!~ How are you? What have you been up to? How's your lil tiny doing?
    hey dude ,

    Is your friend still gonna find some way to come up with the money?
    cool sounds good dude... i never got that voicemail u left me ... my phones all eff'ed up ... so if i dont answer.. keep calling or text me!

    If you click on the picture section on my RDC profile there is three up to date photos... the only difference is I have added a few more stickers on the plastics. What day next week did u have in mind?? because this weekend would be way easier
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