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    old buggy identification

    I do not know who Ken Anderson is. Other than he is the person who built the car. I do not know if he owned or worked for a company or if he worked in his backyard. But Ken Anderson built your car.
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    old buggy identification

    Read the article again .... The builder is Ken Anderson.
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    The Boweevel For Sale in AZ

    It is in San Felipe, Mx. now.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2017 Thread

    If they can mount the needed gear on a motorcycle, it can be mounted in a single seat car. Tim and Tom Coronel do it!
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    Looking for background and info of truck is just bought

    That looks like my dad standing behind Todd Francis's 102.
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    Looking for background and info of truck is just bought

    The first pic looks like a Millican ( near Bend Or. ) race. Can't help with any info but I do believe I've seen it race there.
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    Norra BOLA rooms?

    Keep hoping. If DOR didn't get one on entry you are camping. Welcome to the campers group.
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    Murdock Nav Maps for Lowrance Gen 3

    But can you really use a Gen III in a desert race? I have been told you can not use the touch screen at speed, true or not?
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500 course

    The rules and regs do say you need a Passport, Passport card, enhansed drivers license or other form of ID (all of which require a passport) to return to the USA. And yes you can get back without it but you risk a hassle. And ONLY a passport is acceptable to get a Mexican Visa (or FMT).
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500 course

    You need the Passport to get back!
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    Gas in Gonzaga?

    11 miles south!
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    Vintage off-road racing helmets

    Interested in an original Parker Pumper?
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    2016 SF250 Map?

    Saw them heading out this morning.
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    2016 SF250 Map?

    Rakso last I heard the route to the finish (Malecon) was not finalized. Or open - got it?