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  • Morning Jerry!
    Whats been going on? Staying busy? Just got back from Vac. a couple weeks ago, spent a little over two weeks and put 6400 miles on the motorhome and 1000 on my PT. Saw alot of the country. Did you make it down to the CORR race? If so was it good? Isaw some of it on TV and it looked good as well as what was in the threads here. My kid came down to Fortins last week seeing if they needed any help? You guys have a shop troll, sweeping, cleaning parts, washing cars, etc? He told me he went by and I thought I would ask.
    Anyway have you guys been camping lately? Kim still buried in baseball? Been bebuilding bikes getting ready for desert, as well as selling bikes no longer used! I bought a Samurai and caged it as well as a few other things and it is a blast!
    Well thought I would stop by and say Hi, hope all is well!

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