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  • Ya Adam and I are cruzing up to primm to help pit and watch!! We'll see you there!! Good luck!
    No not gonna be at bap car is still broken and still dripping wet. lol. ya vegas to reno should be sweet. i cant wait. i am trying to gather up my money to update my car before TT250 so well see.
    Hey buddy nice job on the first place at parker. Thats a great start to the 2009 season. You started in front of us and man you were gone. Nice job. Are you racing the rest of the season?
    Congrats again on the big win Curt. Nobody deserved a win like that more than you guys did. See you guys soon for some beers hopefully!
    Ya i rememer you!!!! You have a 2-1600 lothringer!!!! Cant wait for parker need to finish the car though, but super exicited to see all the 2000 gonna be there. Dont hit me to hard!!!!
    Hey curt remember me? were starting right behind you in parker. look forward to seeing the geer crew out there.
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