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  • Yep, we have had a tire for you guys in the past, we will probably be pitted close to Toms's race number by the checkers pits.
    We pit with them guys @ main, so you will probably take a tire for us too... Thanx for the heads up.. Any help would be appreciated.. Barbara always coordinates the other pits, and does a really good job @ it.. We're heading down thursday morning.. Tony smileys crew is going down monday to mark our pits out.. They will have 2 guys stay the whole time..
    "Who always gives you rank down on your posts?" IDK, the culprit will not own up to its actions. Thanks for asking - and the rep!
    hi i currently own a jeepspeed race truck but we have come across a reasonably priced 9 car tmax bill savage car and have been thinking about buying it

    Yes, the SPOT works in the Middle East out to about India before it has some coverage issues. Depending on what part of Southeast Asia, it should work fine, but the areas in the deep South (about midway to Australia) would probably have problems.

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