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    Need some help making an educated decision...

    Hello all, Moving away from slow crawling stuff and into more high speed desert stuff. Living in AZ, wide open spaces are plentiful and I've gotten bored with going slow. Used to race motocross back in the day and the speed itch is coming back hard core. I learned a lot from my time building...
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    Who else makes axles

    Fusion4x4 will build you an axle. They primarily service the Jeep community but will build an axle for any vehicle. They'll build you FF Dana 60/80 class axles as well as fabricated 9" & 10" axles. Great company to work with.
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    Newbie from Prescott, AZ

    Greetings all, New guy from Prescott AZ. Moving away from jeeps and slow rock crawling, getting into more high speed stuff. I've been a long time lurker and look forward to being part of the race-dezert community!