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    Tony Telliers top tips.

    I must say, I am a fan of T.T. picks for TT and flatbills.
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    Baja 1000 pics

    some pix from this years 1k
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    MONSTER paint job at SEMA

    found this little bit on the monster web.
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    D-SLR Camera

    So How is shutter speed designated? Is fstop the tech. term for shutter speed and larger the #, faster the speed? I like the idea of good lens/opperator vs. most expensive camera on the market. I am on a budjet and was flipping thru PC mag whom had done field tests on the diff. DSLR cameras...
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    D-SLR Camera

    searched the topic and just about felt dumb not knowing all the camera savvy lingo looking for a simplified version of that has been posted in the past. Have my eye on the Nikon D50 and figured I'd ask the experts that shoot the kind of events I want to; desert racing. What lens would...
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    Outlaw 250 pics........

    still more pix...
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    Outlaw 250 pics........

    some more pix...
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    Outlaw 250 pics........

    Some pix from Giant Main.
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    Welder Stolen

    Hobart 135 stolen last night from the back of the truck. Somewhat beat up as it was the one Matt Torian/ Tex (1481) would bring out to the races for everyone to use. Last seen in Escondido in a residential area near Orange Glen High School. Im not anticipating its recovery but it is worth a...
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    CORR Week Two Video -->Paradigm

    WOW, I loved every second of it! As always, awsome video.
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    Forum User´s Occupation

    HVAC tech and small business owner
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    RDC Sightings

    Chilli's in Vista, they give you a paper with the outline of a chilli to color for a small donation to fight cancer. I found it appropriate to color it a red chilli with RDC down the middle of it with Giant motorsports and 1481 noted as well on the page.
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    Best Dez. Vid

    Revalved :D
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    MDR McKenzie's 400

    DV down main
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    Baja 500 Pictures

    some more.