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  • Hey Geoff, I'm having some trouble with the Giant website. I've tried 3 different browsers with the same result. Maybe its something on your end? What do the Link Killer kits go for with an 8.8 axle on a ranger?
    Giant Geoff
    Giant Geoff
    Sorry, I have not been on here for a couple years. The 64" kit cost $1850.
    The best advice I can give is never build from the frame up, always start with a clean stock running truck. If you do this will see the dirt in less then 2 years, if you don’t you may never see the dirt ever.

    Once you go buy a complete running truck then you can build the cage out of 2”x .120 DOM and knock down the sizes from there.
    my name is christian and im about to start up my ranger build from the frame lookin into your i beam kit and weld your self 4 link but i was wondering if you can give me some tips on cage design and what materials to use
    Mo’s getting big being 7 months pregnant now. She got bummed when me and you pre-ran the Baja 500. She ok with some local stuff. I’m entering the MDR night race the weekend after on Aug. 15th if you want to go?
    whats up geoff, its scott, how's moe, do you think mex is a possibility aug 7th to 9th, let's do it!
    Hey Geoff
    i was wondering... how much would it cost me if i wanted to buy the ford ranger inner 4 link mounts...

    i am going to go from 3 link to 4 link once i get a nine inch rear end...and i wanted to go with your Giant Motorsports inner 4 link mounts..
    Hey Geoff, I have a 97 GMC 1500 and am sick of not getting any travel outta the front end, how efficient would a beam conversion be and how difficult.
    i have toytoa tacoma still and im pretty good and help pab race tt but im look for other truck have lift kits all together maybe gmc or ford truck street
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