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  • Hey lil lady me and my brother are finishing up our new truck! Should be out at The Silver State race you gonna be out there?

    I tried to list my car on the 10 forum, but am locked out. Please add me to the forum.

    Didn't wanna hijack the cheater thread, but have you ever read "Monkey Butt"? I think anybody involved in the land use battle should read the sections regarding the land battles back in the '70s with the BLM and Sierra Club. Interesting stuff. I personally don't like to comply with the greenies just because they blow things out of proportion. I've seen race tracks, recreational areas, and towns even turn into just plain old desert within a matter of years. Sure, we tear up the ground every time we get on the gas, but, the vegetation always grows back, the ruts wash away, and the tracks are gone with the wind. That's why I don't understand how the eco-freaks can say we're doing something so terrible, when the effects will be gone with one good storm anyways. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to continue the conversation off the thread. Haha.
    Of course I know that Jamie....! And don't worry, Ill have my firesuit ready for you at tech come Parker!
    Thanks GG I will let him know. We are excited to do the BITD Series with the Olliges Family this year. See you at the races!
    OK!!! Sounds good. Cant wait it is going to be a fun race were going for the win in shawns car nothing to lose out for championship, Steve is going for a good finish since he is leading points. Leave tuesday for Parker so ready to race. See you out there when you are you leaving?
    So Sorry now finally getting back to you after a month since you sent the message. I havent loged in to my account in very long time as you can tell. It was perfect hate wearing a helmet with a head of hair. Besides the slight burn on thursday from tech when we were at the pool. 100 miles in to the race's with a head of hair im always trying to figure a way out to scratch my dome. haha. Getting ready to shave her down again for parker. Are you going to be there? You going to be out on the big 27 mile loop haha.....
    "a sense of paranoia on one hand and grandiosity on the other"

    Actually, they go hand-in-hand, classic symptom of paranoia is delusions of grandeur.

    And the off road zeitgeist right now is exactly that, for example, the thread title "The world is watching..."

    No, it isn't. An old button manufacturer gave me on his fav's years ago:

    "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

    Thanks for all your work and devotion to the sport, GG, and keeping things

    under control - in the dez and online.
    Yes we will be at the Aliente the whole weekend cant believe how nice it is there. only a week and half till u get to fondle my suite. haha
    OHHH yes it is the race to make up for all those races we havent had cocktail's. You should know that!!!!!! Were staying at the host hotel.... I cant remeber what its called Ray told me but it didnt stick. only 4 more weeks till race time...
    Hi Jamie!!
    Hope you have recovered from the Mint! I was wondering if you might have a contact name for the Golden nugget-they scratched the hell out of my truck AGAIN and I need to write a letter... :(
    HAHA sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. My girlfriends computer broke so i have been on here for so long. Yes we didnt make the entry list for the mint. We were suppost to race ray's new car there but it wasnt going to be done in time and the truck had some engine issues so we couldnt take that either. But on the flip side Grove has a new sponsership. We will be sporting BFG'S for the rest of the year. New look for us instead of the goodyears. first race with them will be silver state on shawn and steves car. Excited to see how they will handle. Hopefully I dont have to change any tires by myself. haha. Are you going to be at Silver state race? its around the corner from ur house!
    "PWNAGE" is just "ownage" but misspelled on purpose and to long and boring to explain. It's an internet thingy. Google it. :)
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