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  • happy b-day G.G... thanks for everything you do for our small community! your the greatest, we all appreciate all your hard work

    please keep it up because we need more people to work as hard as you do to keep our sport progressing forward.

    Mike Harvey,
    Harvey Motorsports
    Thanks Alot For being there to save us!!!! lol great race!!! hope to see ya guys at the mint
    Thanks for your part in a great weekend! I have a quick tech question for the SNORE tech director. Who could I email my question to?
    You always work the course or are doing something race related. I would go for the liver damage and drink all three days. going to be some good racing. I might make it out to BAP to see some good old fender scratchen to watch.
    Yea I was bummed. Were were getting ready to make the last turn and getting ready to make our way down to you. by that time it was almost 6:45. So Steve walked up to me and said are you ready for drivers meetting. So i guess thats what happens when you think it wont be busy late at night. But for sure sounds like will be racing the Mint with something fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to make it up this time were going on 3 races that we havent partyied.
    Hi Jamie,
    We are going to Pit 4 and will be coming out early on Fri. Will there be any trouble finding a spot?
    Hey Jamie!
    Is there any chance of getting our contingency decals on Thursday prior to the “Down Town Parker Experience”?
    Alright cool thank god Chuck's guys new how to fix that poor old radio, that radio is a classic for sure. We will give you the spare's and the radio when we see you in contengency. Thanks Jamie
    Yes you do owe US a night to remember. Cool that was going to be my next question to you. It will be cool then that we give you some spares and a working radio then. haha
    Hey you haven't seen u for ever how was your Christmas and New years!!! mine was epic. Are you going to be at Parker? Since we haven't seen you at the last two races.
    Jamie Still haven't seen you in the office!!! Just giving you a hard time... Would like to talk to you about True Dentistry sponsoring SNORE.
    Thanks for the rep, When is SNORE going to Mexico? ever, or even a possibility? PS I can't wait for BAP that was my favorite race last year, well minus the Baja 1k, but that is incomparable...
    Good Morning Jamie, A few of us are coming out to Laughlin on thrus. for the Welcome Party. Is there any special passes that we might need or can we just show up?
    MAAAYYBBEEEEE.... I might have to work this weekend :( So hopefully I cant make it out!!
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