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  • Just wanted to ask...did you hear about this whole thing with Pete not being able to run his TL's at RATR? Is this just hype, or will they be allowed. I figure no one knows more than the PR champ.
    GG, I know it's early, but can the DRIVE folk run their DRIVE #'s at BAP?
    Oh yea, we'll be at Laughlin helping Beaner Boy and my nephew in the 12 car. See Ya there?
    You don't need to start resting that liver yet. Call it practice. About 2 weeks before the race you might want to go into hiding and get ready for the debauchery that is Laughlin!! We can't wait for this race.
    Yes, you better give your liver a rest for the next month. We are going to have a good time in Laughlin. We can't wait for this race. Good Times!!
    Haha that sucks for you about work. we had a bad weekend crank in shawn motor, and 4 flat tires for steve along with a internal motor issue. Wont know what happen to Steve's motor till we bryan takes it apart. Both will be ready to race henderson along with the Truck. I just sent you a PM 2.
    Thanks Jamie. If we could we would race every weekend, but I don't see that happening this weekend at the Snore 250. TJ is one hell of a racer and a great guy. What a close battle we had this past weekend. Good luck to TJ and everyone else that is racing Snore this next weekend!
    We missed you in Mesquite, had one heck of a party at the bar Sat. night.
    Yea I know Prim was a very last minute thing. OHH just wait till this weekend im gonna let it all hang out haha!!!!! what day are u gonna be there ill be in primm on wed night then mesquite in the morn.
    Oh yea I did. We where laughing so hard about that. Cause we see your big smile on your face. That was classic.
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