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  • I'm bummed too! My first 80's night and it was a gas. We were starting to get worried about you. Yes, I think we're doing tech but not the race. That's the same day as the 250 bbq. It's getting hard to fit all the racing stuff in this time of year. Sorry we missed you - next time for sure. :)
    Little girl, named molly. their doing well, Jackie is doing well. She only gets up twice a night. Ill see you friday at tech.
    Guess where were gonna be racing next weekend??? and its not the Pre Run
    Jamie, thanks for the Happy Birthday! Hope all is good on your end and hope to see you soon! :)
    LOL not sure yet I have to look and see what weekend the races fall on and if Tal's has to work or not... I want to make the 250, I have to figure it out this weekend or something.
    No he didn't. But I don't think he knows we know each other. But that's ok, we started calling him Brad McMillin a while ago so you're half right. :D
    thanks for the rep. i was in a seven week no rep slump and was losing the will to live. you may have saved a life.... lol
    Hi Jamie, Yes we scheduled it for Sept. 1st at the Sierra Gold Tavern on Jones Rd at 6pm. Then an after party at Pole Position raceway from about 9 - 11pm. I started a thread about it in Desert Racing. Check it out and spread the word out there. I am having flyers shipped to Kirk at Pole Position and he is going to take them to shops.
    Dooh... I am such a looser! I remember getting the call but can't remember what you said... I think the best thing to do is have her see me. The office set her up with Dr. Gearin and so I have been out of the loop a little. Dr. Gearin is great and she may do a lot of the work but I want to see what is going on. K sorry for being so flakey!
    Sounds good to me. Ill let him know. Were suppost to be racing a lot more to next year so that would be bad ass. haven't been to the mint yet, looks like it would be a fun race to do.
    Yea I am bummed though since were not racing. Good you better get ready to get your party on in mesquite cause we gota make up for missing V2R. Hope you have fun out there it should be fun cause those races are the funnest.
    Guess what!!!! Ray came into the race shop yesterday afternoon and told us that were not racing because steve and jackie haven't had there little girl yet and its just to close to the race. So he had to pull the plug. Ray is pretty bummed that he had to do it and since were not going to race now and we were in the hunt for the championship. But on the bright side we are racing 3 cars at mesquite. So that's only a month and half away. But now Im off to the river for whole week next week. haha
    Oh yes it has begun!!!! What have you been up 2, i hate this long break between races it sucks so much!
    Hey Jamie did your daughter come into the office this week? The girls said something to me about it. I wasn't sure. Anyways give me a call or write me To see what I can do to help out... Thanks
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