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    @@ PHOTOS @@ From Rage at the River.

    Any of #420, black and green chevy. Thanks!
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    Make A Wish Ride 2013

    just a mistype, sorry
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    Make A Wish Ride 2013

    I'll be making it to this with my 1450 truck. one question though, can anyone tell me the tax ID number, i have a company that wants to donate at this race, but they need the tax info. thanks, PM me if you do not want to post in here.
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    Might be loud when sitting in a garage but get it on a race course with the loud engines and what not. I can barely hear my own 100watt police siren when racing.
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    Vegas to Reno and vapor locking

    Keep rags and water bottles in the truck. Wrap the pumps in the wet rags at a pit when you know it will get hot
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    1989 Single Cab Chevy Prerunner

    Looks like you need a little more preload to keep the spring under pressure at droop...
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    Raw 4130 race car rust?

    I saw a commercial or something for an electrical circuit board that charges metal negatively? so that rust doesn't happen. Possible?
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    Lost at Vegas 250 thread...

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    Lost at Vegas 250 thread...

    First off, I found a tire while walking from and to my broke truck. If you can describe it to me thru a pm we can find a way to get it back to you. (Between RM 18-30. )
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    1400 trucks

    For the better org. And less brutal and new courses. Barstow gets expensive with a big truck. After doing the whole BITD 2012 season I realized what kind of courses and fun races I was missing by racing MORE.
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    Carlos' beamed Dodge Cummins

    I believe its been sold... at least that's the rumor
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    1400 trucks

    Woohoo more smaller classes. Just think the smaller the class the more trophies you take home. :banghead:
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    Prerunner Insurance?

    I have a progressive based company. Covers theft, fire, etc. Even 'accidents' during a race but that means someone on the policy gets a ding on their record. :banghead:
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    1400 trucks

    What's weird is the 1400 is one of the biggest classes in MORE. so not sure what needs changing, its definitely not the classes that need changing. And I have seen supercharged v6 yotas race more in the last couple years.
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    75 chevy build

    Just run a single tube across under the trans mount? Or make it fancy with a 'K' ?