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  • Thank you for th einvite. I would love to come and participate in one of your races, we just finished the Parker 425 and our team is excited to do a few more races. We are scheduled to run the NORRA race this year and maybe some others. keep me in the loop on when your next few races are \.


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...
    Yes we look to transport (2) class 1 vehicles to Cabo... You mentioned a race in 2 weeks???? Can you give further info?
    or call me 818-331-8857

    Many thanks - Scott
    Hi Paul thanks for thinking of us. The race sounds great. We can't make it down for this race but please keep me informed for any other upcoming races. Sounds like you have a good program down there. Thanks again and lets keep in touch. Joe
    Hola Paul, I will be racing the Parker 425 on February 6 and 7 and King of the Hammers on February 10 to 12. If you hook me up with a team to race with I would come down. I have most of my races posted on my Facebook page. Thanks for inviting me down and I look forward to racing in Baja Sur with a local team. Su amigo, Roger
    Hey Paul, thank you for the invite, what exactly type of racing is it? Road racing? So what kind of cars do we drive? It would be a lot of fun but we have a very full schedule in the months of January and February, so it may be kind of hard to do, but I want to know more about it and maybe I could go.... Thanks -Luke McMillin
    Hey sorry I was gone to the SEMA show in Vegas all week and did not get your message until just now so I missed the race. Let me know about the next one but give me a couple of weeks notice please.

    Just saw your screen name and noticed your avatar. Made me sad kinda haha. Anyway, just popping in to let you know that GnR racing still exhists, and will be at the KC night race this coming. Then Vegas to Reno after. Todd Leduc will be helping Ron in the 39TT but Garron is on extended hiatus.
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