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    Shock Troubleshooting help

    Thanks for the inputs. I rebuilt the ‘slow’ one this am and not it moves like the ‘fast’ shock. All i did was replace the floating piston seal & the check valve seals. Didn’t find a smoking gun... i hate it when that happens,
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    Shock Troubleshooting help

    My thumbs hurt from pushing end caps in. Lol.
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    Shock Troubleshooting help

    When I have paddles on they hit the resi’s so I put a spacer on them. Old shocks = baby reservoirs So do you think the slow shock is wrong and the fast shock is normal?
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    Shock Troubleshooting help

    New one for me. 2.5 bypasses, same nitrogen pressure, same valving... one is really easy to move and self extends quickly. I have replaced all the seals and it still does it. Haven’t replaced the wear band... any other ideas? The firm one wont even extend on it’s own. The fast one felt like...
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    Room(s) needed for San Felipe Sat night

    Anyone have rooms to dump. Need space for 6 guys. We are coming into town from Mike's on Sat and don't have a room. PM me.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Put a Cummins 4 banger in the Hummer with a Raptor/Bronco body on it...
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    100ll Avgas Ok to run?

    I don't think that is accurate. It is not legal for highway use (similar to red dye) but off-road use is not regulated. Sent from my iPad using race-deZert mobile app
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    Spring rate selection

    Math seems pretty good. You also get some spring effect from the nitrogen charge in the two shocks. Driving style has an impact too, if you plan to bomb it you might want more spring than the 2" preload rule. With Fox bypasses you have more bleed than kings so that will help. 10's ion both...
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    On Topic Need a room for SF250

    Anyone backing out or have to many? Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
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    On Topic GM Ecu experts?

    Have a weird issue with a Vortec 8.1. Intermittent Reduced Engine Power code. Anyone have experience with this? Done a lot of troubleshooting and I'm down to either a software issue or wiring. It only happens after shutting the engine down and letting it sit for a bit. Not a hot start issue...
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    Shock Valving questions

    Rebound might be a bit stiff? Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    Trying to get rid of choppy ride

    Moving the crossover point should be a step in the right direction. You'll move from 130lbs/in to 275lbs/in. That's a lot more spring rate to work with. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    Sentri lane with a trailer?

    Would be nice. Several of us have Global Entry and sentri. Super nice when coming home... just wish I could take the prerunner buggy with me... Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Sentri lane with a trailer?

    Anyone tried going through Sentri with a trailer? I have used it with just the truck but was told you can't go through with a trailer... anybody actually try it? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Buggy Spring rates for the desert?

    V8 in the back? Which transmission? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today