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  • Hey Corey, saw you were online, check out the 1600 forum, Bean and a couple others are talking about a 1600 side bet, and I remember you were in charge of that last year at BAP, maybe you could help them out to get it going again... If you are racing BAP?
    Hi Corey,

    I had a blast last weekend, hope we can do it again soon.
    Thanks for the use of the suit, the neck brace was awesome.

    Marc Crosina
    Corey thanks for the note about the fuel.. I never did smell it but it was certainly spraying out the overflow.. and too I might have cut you off a bit when I got by if I remember right..I think around mm 36 after that downhill with the boulders..sorry about that the car cleaned out and I went for it.. Dave
    I have'nt talked to Burgess in about two weeks but, at that point he did not have a ride. I was waiting on Jimmy's doctor's report and if He could not go I was going to call Brian. Just a thought.
    I want to race my car at the MINT but I'm having a hard time finding a back up driver. I waited too long and everyone I know is already paired up with someone!! At this point I'd say it's a 50/50 I'll be there. :(
    I had a blast too, but wish I didn't have my run in on Saturday and wish the car didn't break on Sunday!! Are you racing the MINT? If so, are you teaming up with anyone?
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