Gonzo 5/1600

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  • Hey man how ya been? I just updated my build thread in the shop thread check it out when you get the time let me know what cha think !
    Hey Trevor!!!!,

    Sorry for not replying to your birthday wish I've been M.I.A for a while, thanks though.
    I hear your getting ready for the 1000. I wish I could be there to support you down there!!!!
    I just got a job doing construction with my uncle, and I got a little money now to spend on my bug and all its needs!!!!
    So if you have any spare parts you wanna get off your hands, let me know man!

    So whats been up?
    Hows Life?
    Whats your plan of attack on the race????

    David Casas
    LOL.....you saw it huh??? I thought better of it afterwards....I thought it made sense, but I don't wanna cause waves. Thanks for that though, made me smile! Have a great one!!
    Im comming up on a shock sponsorship with bilstein.
    What size shock is most significant?
    I know that there are no coilovers in the 5-1600 class, bypasses I can get a hold of.
    I just need to know the specs?
    Where is a good place to get new pans? I dont think we have them at vw but ill find out.
    Did you get all of your IRS and pivots,etc. from VW aswell?
    My build is very low budget so spending $ is going to be hard.
    I was expecting to fab my own.
    Whats up Trevor thanks for the kind words. I will be at the KOTD 250 if you want to come and hang out or ride bikes. See ya soon.
    How are things going for SF do you guys need help with anything...call me me or email meI will be there with the arctic cat crew we did good in laughlin placed fourth
    The most affordable class that still uses a bug body would be 11 but 5/1600 for a baja, or you could run in sportsman. To learn to details of the rules you'll want to get a rule book but you'll need a substatial roll cage (among other saftey features) and many suspension mods. If you'd like to see the build up of our 5/1600 there are tons of pictures at our website gonzoracing.net

    Do you have a budget in mind for your project?
    What organization would you plan to race in?
    thanks alot for the info.
    i was wanting to make a baja bug race ready for the lowest class. not to sure what it would be. just wanna make a race ready bug for the less expensive class. What setup up would i need to go with to make it be race legal?
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