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  • good how are you! long time no talk. I'm spacing out.. i recognize you bet i forget your name...i'm sorry.
    Not sure. The front end is in pieces right now for painting. I also need the steering rack bracket redone since I kinda tore it up last time out. I may make a couple other small changes as well. We’re racing the Parker 425 in our 12 car and then I’ll be driving the 9 car at the Battle at Primm so I’m not going to have a whole lot of time to work on it. What about you?
    They are pretty cool, they managed to open the back sliding door and walked in the house yesterday, we had an older goat we got rid of and he (Henry) would come in through the doggie door
    Yo you going to OW? if you are who are you Rollin out there with and all that good stuff?
    yeah i am for sure, but i have to buy one for me and my mom so it will be around $850 before all the rebates :(
    ok so it is officially time for a new phone it finally let go last night lol

    so sorry if you have been txting me
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