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  • the ranger is always ready.. its a stock 4 banger engine though.... :( oh yeah, and I think I bent a shaft on the front passenger corner, It was leaking oil pretty bad I should probably check on that. Too bad my jeep and ranger are in Yuma Arizona..

    I will prob take the jeep if i get the control arm mount fixed..... leather.. heated seats... a/c....
    Truck number is 1493, and 1481 I think is Travis #.. We usually have an RV paralell to the pit, and a weekend Warrior sideways... Normally a medium sized pit down towards the east end of main pit.
    it's called Advanced Web Offset AWO big green sign... same exact building as the deli-we rent them there spot it is just the opposite end of the parking lot-text me when you get here or if you get lost
    sure-then I can check out your truck 2260 oak ridge way do you know where it is? same building as the ice box deli
    that would be cool if it were on Halloween.. it's a BUSY weekend out there!! Are you going to go down and check out the Superstition 250 on 10/18?
    hey can we do lunch next week-today is going to be to crazy!! :D then you can tell me all abut CORR :) lol
    I can go to lunch anytime before 2:30 I get an hour soooo I'm pretty open as long as the receptionist doesn't change her lunch time (I cover for her while she's on lunch)
    LOL-ok well we can hit up subway in honor of Demp :D lol :D message me next time you head over I'll walk down :)
    ha hait's easier to talk over here :D It IS a small world :) and Xteena is right over by here too! We should all do lunch some day... do you know where the Ice Box Jr Deli is? off of Park Center and Oak Ridge... I work in that building :)
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