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  • Well I live right by Milestone and Glen Helen .. if you EVER need assistance I will PM you my #. SERIOUSLY USE IT if you need it!
    Yea Motos In The Dirt. Its A Blast Even Tho It Puts Me In The Hospitol All The Time. Like 1 A Year For A Couple Days
    Fresh sushi fishing in Mex/deep sea... I take it you fresh water or pier fish?
    You made a very homoish comment on my page... before you posted your 2nd message about "I'm not gay" I was in the process of typing my comment out. Referring to the movie "Brokeback Mountain" of course. You know... they're just *going fishing*.
    Just as I enjoy giving it right back you! Give, 'n take... best of both worlds! xoxo
    alright well let me know because i kinda feel bad sayin i would go and then not showin up
    YESSSSSSS.. Those PUNKS! Every time I turned around, my drink was full.. I completely lost track .. It kinda wasn't cool?!... How was your weekend? Anything fun/exciting?
    Good morning!~ Tournament went very well.. Perhaps a bit too well .. I was "put to bed around 8:30" OOPS! I had a blast!~ Everything went just as planned, if not better than planned.
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