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  • haha ya man definetly. oh and what is your name so i dont look stupid if i see you out there lol
    thats cool man we camp right by pole line to but its at the other end, the north side.. how far from gas dome are you? we are like 15 min.
    ya were gona be out there all that week i think, where in ocatillo do you go?

    normaly when we are out in borrego it is like 3 miles up s22 by the big old barn thing
    ya im always at ocatillo, well i guess its more borrego on s22. but im trying to plan a lucerne valley trip soon. where do you normaly go?
    damn thats crazy, ya i dont really like amago i got a concussion and broken leg there.
    what happened?

    cool im goin 2 milestone thurs. and i was thinkin starwest sat. or sun.
    haha thanks man same to you, ya i saw you had the 08 too. how often do you ride starwest?
    Yep, I always do. We ride a little everyday while we are down there. Chances are I'll hit some of the Jean trails to test out the new suspension too.
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