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Jan 2, 2005
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Southern, CA.
Sound Engineer

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    1. JEFFRPM
      You and I don't normally agree on most everything this one's a no Brainer
    2. Jangaard
      What do you think about correcting grammar in a private message? For example it is "too" far to walk. This is just a suggestion.
    3. Jason P
      Jason P
      Must have been a slip of the finger on the I phone corrected my dislike on post 26 sorry bud.
      1. green787 likes this.
    4. Desert Son
      Desert Son
      Look Ill PM you so you don't make a Bigger ASS of your self on the thread. I WAS THERE, I SAW IT HAPPEN, Shortly there after I got it a truck and raced every mile of the 500 . I KNOW MEXICO BETTER THEN YOU,I PROMISE>>>>>>>>>>>>Will talk for Sure at [email protected] if its on your schedule, Hell , I race in the same **** class as you. YOU SAY STUPID THINGS ALL THE TIME........ITS IN YOUR BEST INTREST TO STOP. STARTING GATE?
    5. blue dog
      blue dog
      I would still have a beer with you.
    6. WickedGravityVideo
      Have we met in person? You seem to have a hard on for me.... what is your problem? I have worked nearly every BITD, SNORE, and SCORE race since 2005. Certainly we have met.
    7. WickedGravityVideo
      Are you doing your best impression of Pistol Pete there? Why do you feel the need to attack my jokes? Save your words of wisdom for the real thing. Geez.
    8. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Don't NASCAR tickets have liability releases as a condition of entrance, like the MLB does?
    9. Petepecas
      Hey greenie, read you used to hang out in fallbrook...a good friend of mine has nursery business out there, just on the fence with camp P. Cazador lane dr. lil older than you and I, Dan Brisken...originally from San Fernando Valley. Prolly dont know him, but fallbrook being such a small town, maybe.
      1. green787 likes this.
      2. green787
        Sorry Pete... Just now saw this... I didn't know him... I enjoy your posts on RDC....
        Sep 15, 2016
    10. THNKPNK
      Thnx for the luv =)
    11. DOG ON
      DOG ON
      Lol....feels so good though
    12. Shaggy
      Clean out your messages. Youe message box is constipated. Thanks for the rep
    13. Mot51560
      I tried to send you a message but you box is full...
    14. dan200
      i couldnt rep ya because i have to "spread it around first" but that smoking gun video was hilarious... well played
    15. arqangel67
      Thanx for the rep, If we agree on that than we probably agree on alot more.
    16. Hayward Racing
      Hayward Racing
      Wasup Greenie?
    17. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Glad to see your return, Robert! I, for one, had missed you in purple, though I still say my 1964 Yamaha 80 would smoke your Green Streak Kow. ;)
      Hay bud!! Thanks for thinkin of me, we've all been wonderin wher you're at these days. I can surely use the baby bed, as she's still sleepin between mommy and I. I've got a new phone number, 949 683-1149. Gimme a call and we'll arrange a time for me to come grab it! Thanks again migo!!

    19. 4x4nutz
      Greenie...where you at??? I guess I spetty much spanked that butt and now you've left. Does it matter if say I'm sorry? Please come home to RDC purple....we miss you!
    20. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Thanks, Robert! Glad you picked up what I was trying to remember, but all I could recall was M.... boatlift.

      Heard a rumor once that Avocado is to THC like Vitamin C is to LSD. Not an insult or dig, just relating a rumor I recalled.

      Have fun!
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    Home Page:
    Southern, CA.
    Sound Engineer
    Class I race in:
    Favorite Race:
    Baja 1000
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Fritz Kott
    1982 Toyota 7s Race Truck
    Sponsors: Deist Safety


    "Out of his mother's basement. Into your fairy tales."​