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    Leduc Domination!!!

    Do you remember the Hansen Bros from the movie Slap Shot? The Herbst's roll models. I'm still not sure which is Tim, Troy or Ed...
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    RDZ @ Bark River?

    Thanks for the updates. I think I've checked RDC 20 times today in anticipation of your reports. Thanks again.
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    5 ways to get Californian's out to a short course race

    Mickey Thompson and LLORS/TORC cannot be compared. The single biggest difference in the attendance was the fact that the MT events were really a once-a-year event. Sure, some people would make it to a couple races, but they were the exception. If there were just one short-course race all year...
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    Thanks RC-10

    The ad did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do...generate interest for AE. I typically just borrow a copy of Dirt Sports and leave it on the tank behind the bowl for 2-3 minutes of daily power reading and would have never even paid attention to the ad. But now, with all this controversy, I will...
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    Bring this short course back......

    The reason Crandon, and Riverside for that matter, are/were successful is that they run a very limited amount of races. With only 1 or 2 events a year, people WILL show up. As for a MT-style event, there are very large amounts of cash required to put on races of that scale with trucks/teams at...
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    Friendly fire in Mexico

    Because spectating at a desert race is boring as hell. I don't even know who won, and I don't care, but I do know that there was a fight, a guy died, a guy cut the course and could loose his position and a lot of respect, and a guy got his leg broken from standing too close to 6000# TT. I don't...
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    1450's at Perris

    Started life with a s/c 3.4 then went to a normally aspirated 3.4 (O/A the '06 MDR night race with this motor) Went with a couple variations of a 302 Ford and t-5/t-56 combo (best was a nice 347 or 331 with good heads, truck was very fast...but didnt like to stay running long) Back to Toyota...
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    Pro lite spec w/ 350 motor

    I like the idea of the PL with a mild small block...has potential. As for Vance's truck, here's the scoop. It really is just a 4.0 take-out motor and a stock 6sp manual box and clutch. The motor has no mods except for a different air filter/box and a set of Thorley headers. It runs the factory...
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    M4SX race, entry & payout info

    Excellent write-up Brian, I think you found your new calling.
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    Who misses ROR?

    The track is still there. Could be ready to race on in one day of prep. We left on very good terms with the city. All it needs is someone with a LOT of time and determination...and about $10-15k to run an event. As small as the place was, it never lost money (didnt make much either though) and...
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    Adults in 450 karts!

    If I remember correctly, the elite carts were about 8 sec per lap faster than the Rhinos at Perris. They were just a tad slower than the fastest super buggies. Funny thing, I remember talking to Nestor about these carts 4+ years ago and I cant ever remember hearing anything about these being...
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    Snop dogg buying corr!!!

    If you guys think the current schedule runs behind now, just wait until the whole infield is toasted from being down-wind of some "choice Cronic". The EPA will be there in 15minutes to shut down what must be a "skunk sanctuary". Add to the fact that the Rev. Jesse Jackson will be in attendence...
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    Snop dogg buying corr!!!

    I can see it now....marajauna smoke screen for all vehicles, drive-by pro-class shootings, Graffix Bongs as series sponsor, the Zig-Zag cup. All trucks required to have gold "grills". Half naked ho's, with gargantuan booties, in all pro pits. A new spec sedan class on Daytons and hydraulics. The...
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    Billings Montana.

    Ziggy, I'll show up for a race up there, i love montana. Do it around the same time as the hill'd be my best friend.
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    Billings Montana.

    Maybe this needs a little clarification. There are three distinct parties that need to be addressed in deciding if an event can take place and where. First is the FACILITY/track owner. He wants his money. So as a promoter, you will be charged. If he wants too much, you cant run there. Sometimes...