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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona > Pisco

    Such a bummer for RB, JCR and Honda. Now we cheer on Short!
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona

    After watching the videos of cars going through fesh-fesh, I can't imagine not having a "Darker" pumper!
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    You're best Baja Bob Gordon story.....

    Thanks for the opportunity to share a memory and bring a smile to my face during a grim time. The memory was in Barstow the evening after the Fireworks 250 either '89 or '90. I worked for Unique Metal Products and co-owner Larry Storck let me take his famous 8 seater to the race. Race day I had...
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    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's 1984 PPI Toyota SR5 restoration

    Rory, First let me say how much I enjoy your updates & history lessons on 001. The era this truck raced was the time that drew me into off road racing - COMPLETELY! I was going to post this earlier, but lesson,race #3 pushed me into it. I attended the Baja in Barstow race. I recall the finish...
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    2016 Bivouac Randomness

    Thanks for posting these photos, helps give us a little feel for the adventure that Dakar is.
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    Robby Gordon / Flash Gordon

    Jean-Louis Schlesser has been doing it on his own for years with success... JLS had the French lottery sponsoring / backing. This was likely due to his success on the pavement. Some irony between JLS and RG, JLS purchased his first Dakar buggy from Baja Bob.
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    Kreisler Raceco's-where r they now?

    I did a body re-do on one of the Church Raceco's during my time at UMP, back in the day with Larry & Donnie
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    2015 Dakar Stage 8 UYUNI -> IQUIQUE

    That's funny right there! good find fabnahorse
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    Bivouac Randomness

    To Klaus & RDC crew, Thanks for the great pics and details from Dakar. It has brought me a new appreciation for this event. And.. GO RG & 11 time!
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    Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicle Restoration

    Yes UMP built those 6 seaters and helped US ARMY train on how to drive. Get a hold of Larry Storck, he was THE MAN on those cars. He is still in East County San Diego doing fabulous metal work. Jeff Howe of Howe Performance was also involved with those cars.
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    You Choose and Comment - Johnson & Stewart & Mears

    X3 ! innovator and a true great person / character of off road racing!
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    TORC Eldora - WHAT TO LOOK FOR...

    The track was dry for the buggies (not televised) that ran before Prolites. Then huge downpour soaked the place. The track conditions were the best for Pro4 and that was best race of the night. Both Keegan Kincaid -PL and CJ's -Pro2 trucks had a noticable higher engine pitch around the track...
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    TORC Eldora - WHAT TO LOOK FOR...

    Take Out Rain Coats, that's funny! The weather needs to cooperate tomorrow to get an Eldora round in. I hope to see them run!
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    short course truck specs

    Yes, I am aware of these orgs and events. I was wanting to see where w.w.g.r. is looking to race. BlueCoyote, thanks for promoting NW off road racing:)
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    short course truck specs

    Where are you wanting to race? I am curious where you are looking to go racing when you are in the Inland Northwest.