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    I glad to see you
    cam for free
    London Escort Girls
    Thank you for the reply!!! That is just tooo cool!!! Looks good as far as I can see in the avatar size! I asked because it looks like an old stadium lite...
    Thank You!
    Hey man, you are totally right about No Brakes Drake... he's antagonistic and is always looking for an argument. I learned that about him the first few times i was on RDC. I feel sorry for his wife, imagine being married to an ass like him!
    So two months later, here I am saying hi again. Ya musta lost somma yer RDC cred or somethin....HA!!! Hope you're well amigo, and hope to catch up soon. Maybe I'll cruise out that way with a B.A. boat soon here???? you down???
    So Jeff, has your daugher outgrown that stroller yet?? I'm gonna be having a little girl...IN A FEW HOURS FROM NOW!!!! I'm stoked...and I hope you're well dude!!
    So whats the deal are you guys selling your 1600 or is that your dads car? Whats the story?

    yep. gonna be working main pit for Dailey during the day and the tree bar at night. I will sleep when I get home.
    didnt go to V2R had to move to college, just got all settled in... if you could try a drive race, theyre a lot of fun.
    Hey Jeff,
    I just found your message about the Terribles 250. Sorry about the delay, We finished that race in 6th. place which has us sitting real nice in 4th. overall, and only 5 points out of 3rd. just behind Randy Merritt. We are trying real hard to make it to the V2R in Aug. but I am way short on funds, and looking for sponsorship. If you know of anyone that would be willing to help us out, we would be very greatfull. How are things going with you?
    Hi Jeff...well, the next event I'll be at is the 500!! After that, because of my "limited mobility", it's hard to say, but I'll stay in touch and we'll make it happen!!! Take care of you and yours!!!
    Thanks Man, I lived in Lake Havasu for 6 months, I remember that beautiful English bridge in Mcculloch Ave. I was partly in charge back in 1996-1997 to transfer the McCulloch Plant (production Lines and labs).
    I have awesome memories of your beautiful city....Thanks for the beer offereing I will take your word some day, likewise when you are in Sonora my friend!!!
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