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    More Parker Pics...

    Great Photos do have any of 20 or 1017.
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    Bink Designs Parker Photos

    Awsome work. Do you have any of # 20, 1017, or 1505? Thanks
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    Photos - Primm 300

    Very Nice, Thank you.
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    Photos - Primm 300

    Bryan Congrats to your dad for winning class 10. Do you have any more pics of 1011 or 104? Below are my two personal favorites so far.
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    MDR DASH New Years EVE Party / Food

    S did M tell you I will take care of the construction again as last year? M also told me he will be delivering tacos to anybody who is helping with the construction since they will be missing out on all the action back at the SMD fairgrounds. Is this true? P.S Its Loiodice, I can't believe...
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    Good Paint Schemes

    Re: Bad *** Paint Schemes Yeah this was a good one.
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    Trophy Truck No-Shows

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    Trophy Truck No-Shows

    John Herder will not be racing in the TT class, he will be in his single seat class one car.
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    Marking's New Pro-Lite Tests at Glen Helen-Wed

    Congrats to John Marking, Todd Tenbroek, Scotty Prill, Gary Brady, Rick Tenbroek, Tom Geviss, Joe Totten, Chris Harrold, DesertBull and everybody else involved in the completion of the truck. I can't wait to see the truck in action. Now go out and Kick some @$$.
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    Xtremey Awards

    I say you post the footage, so we can all see what great singers Mark, Danzar and the whole crew are. Awsome job guys, Congrats. It has been great working with you guys and I'm looking forward to this year and the next movie.
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    What Happend to Them???

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    trailer tie down 101

    Roach, That is awesome.
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    SCORE Baja 500 Drawing Updates

    Re: Drawing Updates From My source: 40 TT's 1st Voyles 8th Andy Mc 15th Julson 39th Scheller 40th Herbst 32 Cls 1's 1st Jeffries 13 Mark Mcmillin Cls 10 1010 Yee 1011 Cooley Course starts in ensenada, heads to ojos, then the pine forest, down the goat trail, and the...
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    First Annual Young Guns k-1 Speed Challenge!

    I don't know how karts are going to solve this debate but count me in. Trading paint with David "Fastest Young Gun in the Desert" Scaroni is always a good time, so lets do this. I might even be able to get Justin "Fast Lap" Lofton to go.