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  • might have talked to you 2 years ago? was trying to find the #815 . jimmy crowder raced it when jack went to Chevrolet. tried calling crowder , but no returned calls. I raced the good old boys and got a fourth, was hooked on Crandon then class 6 #603, and class 8 #803. getting a wrap done and will post more pictures.
    Funny that when he contracted me to build him 6 chassis he had nothing but praise for my workmanship and quality of my cars. Then when it came time to pay his bill he claimed the "economy" had taken all his money and he would only be able to pay me 1/2 what we agreed to. I tried to settle numerous times, and all he could do was make constant threats. I asked him to stop the threats, pay his bill, or hire a lawyer which he finally did. After reviewing the paperwork, his lawyer told him to pay up. We agreed to a reduced cost in an effort to settle, Rick had two weeks to pay (this is after a year long dispute), he agreed to pay and we never heard from him again. After that we filed a mechanics lien, held a public auction and sold the chassis. I lost a little over $15K on the deal, but live and learn. After he lost his investment in the chassis I built for him, then I became this hack fabricator that buys chinese tubing. Ha! Anyone that knows me, knows better. I use only the best.
    I was at the kumho trailer. I was the big guy wearing the Greaves shirt and Fox hat with a goatee working the iPod with Mcgrath and Jeff from Monster. All those rad songs were all me!! jajaja. Didn't dawn on me who you were until the next day. memories from that night are hazy. LOL
    Wow, I read your visitor message as that commercial is playing... He's about to say the slapchop and the graty... WOW
    Hey Sweety! I haven't heard from you in a while! I hope this show thing is a go cause it would be amesome!
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