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  • cool. we were thinking of making them but didnt think there was a market.. lol we do the 05 exploder stuff but didnt know anyone as doing a expi..
    i did not see that game i just saw part of the second quater, i was watching the cowboys game cause thats my team and it was my birthday party so i wasnt really paying attention, 60,000 pissed off criminals cant be good lol, imagine if your a star player in college and you end up being drafted by the raiders geez what a nightmare that team is so pathetic, when i still lived in LA everybody still likes them and they all want them to come back to LA i say hell no move them to canada
    How cool would that be to watch the Lakers lose in an Irish Pub! Can't wait for the rematch on Christmas Day!
    next to an rdc shirt, that has to be one of radest shirts, i got the idea watching the news, they showed a irish pub in LA that were selling those shirts and all the celtics fans would go to it
    you hate the raiders and lakers, and you loved every minute of the celtics owning the lakers!!! we need to hang out some day, i wanted to make a green shirt that said beat LA but i didnt know how to make one, but if i did can you imagine how sweet that ill be
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