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    SDSU hoops

    He was taking IVies just 30 minutes before game time. And I believe the last time they played each other last year he was sick too. Man, I can't wait til tomorrow!
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    SDSU hoops

    Leonard won't be sick on Saturday and the whole nation will see who te real #1 team is. "F" the East Coast Bias! I'm an Aztec forever!! Red and Black Bayybee!!! :) :)
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    Congratulations Perry McNeal & Amigo Tec

    Way to go Perry!!:)
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    Ginger or Mary Ann? 2011

    Noooo... If I was off the island already, I'd pick the old hag. Marry Ann would be the realistic choice on an island. Think about it, Ginger had light skin and red hair. She would of died of sun burn or skin cancer real quickly. :(
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    Ginger or Mary Ann? 2011

    If I was still stranded on the island, I'd pick Marry Ann, just so she can cook and do the cleaning too. But if I was rescued already. I'd have to say I would have to string along Mrs. Howell as my Sugar mama, Then I could crawl in the sack with one of the other girls when the old bag goes to...
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    SDSU hoops

    It will be differrent when we play in our house next month!!
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    Don't be a girl toy

    I can relate to this!! LOL:D:D
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    Tacoma build - class 7

    Nice Build Guys!!
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    New class 8 by HNM Motorsports

    Kevin, Have you guys built a few Class 8's that are currently racing? If so what is the turn key cost for one like the one you've posted. Very Nice Work as usual to!!
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    cool or uncool

    That Sucked! If this is real, then the owners of that course now have the idiot on film admitting to the crime. Somebody inform them to call the fuzz!
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    Armored Baja Truck

    jajaja Good one Randy!!1
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    Mayweather vs. Mosley

    Both of them are Sissy Soup! They are afraid of the Pac-man!!
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    Hi! my name is Alex

    Welmome to the familia Alex, Good luck on the build bro! Post some pics when you're done!!
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    BEST of Luck EVery One

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    Best Buffet in Vegas?

    Kinda pricey, but the Belagio's buffet can't be beat!