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  • I've been trying to find info about your long travel set up for the FL400.
    Easy part for me is if you have any sets left or would make some more.
    OR if you have dimensions for your set up. I have a hell of a fabricator here in town.
    Came across your info in an old thread on another site. Do you still do long travel fab work for fl400 pilots or have any components/plans available?
    harleys dad
    I will have to look and see what I have laying around, I built about 30 long travel kits for the pilot also made and installed electric power steering on all 7 of my pilots
    If you find any I definitely have interest, I recently picked up a new frame and would like to get additional travel before transferring components from my current frame (which has a twist.) I'm located in Menifee, CA just up the road from Murrieta if your profile location is accurate. Thanks, Mark
    Hey Dave.... no one understands the depths of the 1600 class and the drivers that dominated that class. The car counts were insane in our class. No one will see car counts like that again and to beat the best in the largest class was awesome. For three years we made money racing including contingency we had to use our spare garage to put all the extra parts. Good times for sure.
    Again, sorry...where it seems most racers are located or to the races I would potentially be working. I am not interested in being a team bottom dweller ("bitch", sorry) I am serious so I am looking for a team that needs help or is interested in my proposal. I would greatly value any input, info, assistance you may have in steering me in the right direction. Thanks!
    harleys dad
    i have a little experience, 40 years worth.Would be happy to have you and teach you, our next race is in caliente nevada next month. We are leading points in the max trax class 11 series and that is the next race. We will also be racing 1600, let me know if you want to come---Dave
    Continued...I would basically be offering my assistance and hands on in return for valuable training and knowledge, not expecting any other payment unless the team sees it fit. I am located in Texas and travel back and forth to Wyoming so scheduling is important seen as how this will be on my dime and time and my ass time in the seat traveling to the west coast...
    Continued...Respectfully though, I have a issue. Before I get into the race seat or the money pit they call racing, I would like to be involved with a race team for a few races, preferably class 5/1600, 1/2 1600 or a similar smaller budget (used loosely) class. Here's my pitch, I would like to assist in prep, race, pit, mechanics and post race stuff to learn and understand the inner workings of it all.
    I have an extreme interesting entering the desert racing scene, positive, being to the point. I have little knowledge about all things except for the races I've been to and trolling the ol inner web reading all the stuff you guys put on here. From what I've seen on here, you are definitely a knowledgeable experienced race guy with a little time under your belt, Ha!
    Dave, love your last post! Your so right! if people want to spend all that money go ahead, the wheel base is only so long! The motors are still the same. I actually came to your house and you were kinda sick a few years ago. Very nice to meet you. I think you were selling a 5/1600 roller, can't remember. You gave a a race car tour and showed me your famous class11. I hope your health is doing as well as it can and I am greatful to have people like yourself in the sport I love. Thanks. I really want to get racing again but can't stand the crying! I do think there is obvious cheaters, heck I'm for pulling off a cyl head. just dont smash my little dreams because I cut out to much of my dash....Do you have a dash I can buy to weld back in the car?!
    Take care, Darren Walsh
    Alright Dave, what's it going to take to get you to bring out one of your 1600 cars?!?! Bring one to ratr, it's 6 months away you have plenty of time to prep it, I know you working on a new "secret" car in a different class but the competition isn't like 1600, bring out a 1600 to RATR!!!
    Hi Dave!Your pm mail is full so I have to ask here...
    Maybe do you have now any sand blaster 915 to sell?Now they could be a little worn and maybe you could think to replace them and sell them to me...
    Let me know!
    Hey Dave, I live in your area now. If you ever seen the green suburban with lots of off road decals on the back, and a #48 sticker, say hi. Donny
    My sad 67 saga: One rusted away, one I made into a Baja and endoed, and the best one of all, my step-grandmother committed suicide in. I don't know if they ever got the smell out of that one, I didn't want it back. I DO know where there's a garaged, cherry, white 67 Karmann-bodied 'vert. But no room for it here and my wife's 05 new beetle 'vert is enough to deal with - man, is that thing complicated!!!
    Never had any of the gas powered cars, just HO, 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars and most of that stuff has been gone 40+ years. I was lucky to have the cigar box!

    How do those Cox "Manxes" run? Never saw one in action. .049? I did get to play with free flight gas planes and had one of those Aerocobras that could shoot missiles. Man did I augur that in !!! BTW, I concur we shouldn't have used up so many 67 Beetles, IMHO, the best bugs ever imported onto these shores.
    Hey Dave, remember showing up at the commercial tracks with your Cox controller and one or two cars in a cigar box and being somewhat intimidated by the old guys with the roll-away tool boxes and their stables of cars? Then they'd get mad cuz we'd take 'em out in a turn?
    I think we probably ran in the same circles.
    PAB has roped me into pitting occasionally, more into training guys on the bikes.
    Live just down the road from you.
    Maybe we'll see you one of these days.
    Rick Felden
    Hey Dave, my name is Neil and i'm currently building my second class 11 and would like some pointers on shock setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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