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    What's the word? Linked frame trucks are dead?

    Being a fellow Canadian racer, there's racing to be had here - which class to build for is really your big ticket question. As Dave mentioned, Ultra4 North is currently present out here in Alberta and Montana, hosted by our local groups Punisher 4x4 (AB) and YORR (Montana). Great crew to race...
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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    This will be awesome to see. Maybe next year I'll stop breaking my 4800 car before the race, and chase trucks after the race so I can actually check out some of the other events haha.
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    Are teams still making pit books/binders?

    We are doing pit books for all future races, especially with building a dedicated pit truck this year (tool locations/radio instructions are critical for new pit members).
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    Rock Crawler Value

    Rock crawlers are a niche market. There is only a very small amount of the population who is willing to put out big money on a custom rock crawler, and then also be willing to work on it to maintain/repair it or pay someone to do so. The larger market wants to get in and go, so yes, I'd say...
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    Welders...? What would you buy

    I've personally owned a Lincoln Power Mig 256 (MIG) and Everlast PowerTig 200DV (TIG) and have had issues with neither. Sold the Lincoln purely to free up some cash, and am borrowing a Miller 212 in it's place. I also like the Miller - main differences are that the Lincoln had a digital readout...
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    The #AHBEEF Life - Thoughts?

    I've been watching them for a while. I'm not the biggest fan of ones like the last adventure one, but it's also not a video style I normally watch. I watch for the race/pre runner vehicle/race and up close/background runnings of the team, and I really enjoy those. I like that it gives a real...
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    Bypasses or Bumpstops for mid travel

    I agree with 619offroad; bump it and strap it, then put the fancy shocks on there when possible. Protect the setup first. Learned that lession the first time I destroyed a brand new coil over.
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    There is no "best" - it's not the radio itself that makes a communications system good, it'sa combination of how the whole package is set up (radio unit/antenna setup/mounting/terrain/etc). You could have the most powerful unit available and still transmit less distance than a unit of half the...
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    SCORE / BITD Insurance or lack of.....

    Great topic guys, and ironic that it popped up now, exactly when the girlfriend and I were taking a look at what our coverage actually covers being from Canada and racing in the States. For those Canadians interested - thus far we've found out that Blue Cross won't cover any motorsports related...