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  • Hey Daryl,
    The 2007 is affected by the recall, but they are only doing the 2005 and 2006 at this point. As soon as they release it I will let you know. Being that he is the 2nd or 3rd owner, it may take us a while to find him. Anyhow, glad he found something.
    My apologies at taking so long to reply. Our son found a 2007 Corolla that he could afford without financing a few miles from his home. We stayed out of the transaction once we'd given him some advice (He IS 25, I have to remind myself). He's very happy with it so far and had a local shop check it out. And the A/C works! :)

    I did note the ECU was subject to a recall last Sept. Do you know if there is a website where he could enter the VIN and see whether the parts swap has been performed? And what's the cost for replacing the timing belt at a Toyota Service Center? He'll probably need to get that done this year.

    Thanks for your time and help. Hope you and yours have a great 2011!
    Earl, my son is in the market for car after his Camry cooked in an EB 91 jam below Serfas Club Drive. :( How's the used car manager at your store? A grinder? If he brings in a car for you to inspect, what does that consist of and what's it going to run him?

    I believe he'll be partial to another Toy, after the last one lasted him from ages 17-25. Know anybody looking for a 91 2.5 V6 DX parts car? ;)

    Any models he should avoid? Probably expecting to spend 10-12K, if he can qualify with a good down payment. Not looking for a truck, Celica or Solara. ;)

    Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!
    Ha!!! Sorry about that!!! I was going to the MORE barstow race... I wanted to meet up with Drake... Not sure If I'll make it...
    You know I was planning on neg repping everyone that posted on that thread... But when it came to Mary Kay.. I just couldn't bring myself to it.... so .... I ran out of ammo... consider yourself lucky...!!!! LOL!!
    The post in the "Mery Christmas my conservative friends" thread is a classic. Quite possible the best post on RDC, ever. Take care of yourself my friend.
    I'm in my manic phase, we won our class as well and I had a 49+ mph average lap at the MORE race. Didn't I mention I don't do lithium? Plus I'm playing on our new netbook and haven't been on rdc since last week when I mixed up Iraq and Iran.
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