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    how to get 500hp out of my 302

    my buddy has a c4 behind his 300hp 302 and has nothing but problems with it. he has it built now to somewhat hold up to the power but he spent alot on it buying billet and 300m parts for it. i wouldnt even think of running 500hp through one off road.
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    how to get 500hp out of my 302

    if you want to stick with a 302 it will get kinda pricey to get to 500 hp. my friend has a 302 with pretty much stock lower, afr heads, ratio rockers, cam, ford motorsports intake plenum, big injectors, bigger throttle body/ maf, and a few other things and it dyno'd 200hp to the wheels. thats...
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    HF tube roller?

    I have a side job coming up that will require some slightly radiused 1.75"x.095 tubing. i was planing on paying someone to do the 2 radiused tubes but i was looking on line and saw the Harbor Freight tube roller for $170. im wondering if any one has used one of these that can give some feedback...
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    RMS_Racing CLASS 1

    how much does it weigh? those 37's look tiny.
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    Spindle, Knuckle, Upright design questions

    hmm not sure why the pics didnt show up. heres a link to my old thread. the spindles are on the bottom of the first page. i welded them because the bolt flange was a little bigger than i wanted to make the whole spindle...
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    Spindle, Knuckle, Upright design questions

    well im not sure exactly what a classix is but here's some pics of the spindles i made for my last car. they are d44 snouts with the flange machined down and then pressed and welded into a piece of 4" 3/8" wall tube. if i made them again i would either weld a uni-ball cup in the top or have...
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    Inde-Fab's El Camino

    this reminds me of my first car, it was a 82' the same color. it was pretty much a pos but i wish i would of done something like this to it... this thing is bad ass!
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    KINETIK Trophy/Trick Truck by CAMBURG

    never thought about doing it like that... i have always just bent a piece of tube then notch it then bend the ears flat.
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    GMR - Pro Touring

    nice car! so is the whole cage stainless?
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    Nissan Frontier Desert/Rally Cage Build...

    looking good! i read in one of your earlier posts that most rally racing rule books dont require window nets because most all cars have windows. so what happens when you roll multiple times and on the first roll your windows break??
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    Camber & Toe on rear trailing arms??

    what partybarge said... if it is 0* and your toe is strait at ride height you will have alot of toe out and positive camber at droop. i would personally much rather have toe in than toe out, it can get real squirly being toe out. really 1/8" of toe in is not much, i would be real surprised...
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    14YO's 1971 F-250 LWB build

    good job! i was really glad when i saw you still racing pretty late in the race. i was rooting for ya!
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    14YO's 1971 F-250 LWB build

    i just noticed you have all matching tires!! looking good! ill see you out there this weekend. go easy on our rear bumper...;)
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    14YO's 1971 F-250 LWB build

    if you need some more shims i have some out of some fox's. not sure if they will work in your shocks but let me know. i can drop them off.
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    Would someone please buy Rob Mac a Pro 4

    i think he said that rockstar/ makita really pushed him to run pro-4