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    News 2020 SNORE Battle at Primm Day 2 Photos

    Here is the results for everything (both days and OA) Great weekend, from qualifying to the end of Sunday, a few errant drivers near the finish line and timing equipment nearly cost everyone a weekend. Timing was tough with the...
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    Looking for good insurance

    I have American Modern for collectibles, classics and the like. only $250 a year for full coverage with towing. Not for daily drivers. 18005432644
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    2019 Mint 400 Live Video

    Who won today?
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    2019 Mint 400 Live Video

    Well done! Better than being there
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    Desert Race Dilemma – Getting started with a Class 11 or Old 5-1600?

    Come to Primm NV in April, two day short course, 55 miles a day, your car is probably pretty close to ready. SNORE and MORE get a good little crowd of 5-1600 cars.
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    Trying get rid of my Pre-runner

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    Rage at the River @@ PHOTOS @@

    Great photos, good luck with treatment
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    Rage at the River

    thanks everybody I saw it on the snore racing website as well I was more concerned with where is staging and start line for qualifying are on Friday I’ll be there hope to see you there too
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    Rage at the River

    Thanks that helps...
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    Rage at the River

    Map?? Where will qualifying start?
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    race day t shirts

    SNORE generally uses Pro Designs, they are made to order onsite at every race. Are you looking for past races? I have about 60 in xl and xxl, I might part with a few...
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    Rock'n Raceco Redux

    I heard it was a early albins 5 speed with no lift shift and a pre-production ecotech 2.7 liter, made 300 hp at the rear wheels.
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    Spare tire straps

    2" harbor freight ratcheting strap
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    Any results from the knotty pine race

    I added them to the knotty pine 250 thread
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    Big Rusty Dinosaur

    How long did you say those new tires were gonna last?