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    BITD Henderso 250 ##PICTURES## From RM21

    Any of the 1919 JaggedX UTV?
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    Henderson 250 lost and found or douche bag thieves

    I saw the jack fly off right in the spectator section that "USED" to have a nice big long whoops section. Never did see the tire. Never saw you guys after the race.
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    UTV's - Not just Golf Karts anymore..see why...

    A new sanctoining body would emerge. Sal would be out of buisness.
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    UTV's - Not just Golf Karts anymore..see why...

    One class that includes every type of vehicle. Yeah that sound like it make for better racing. Good idea!
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    UTV's - Not just Golf Karts anymore..see why...

    No doubt about it. The course gets tore up. The first 2 out of 5 in a row V2R races that JaggedX won, were from starting dead last. Blake
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    V@R stage three - updates

    Thanks Corry! The guy's at JaggedX build and prep a great race car. Brandon's smooth driving keeps the car together till the checkers. Blake
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    V@R stage three - updates

    You got that right! Our pit crew were all up by the podium drinking the beers they were suposed to save for us and couldnt radio us any info. About 2-3 miles from the finish line, I pull my phone out and read a text from my wife (sitting at home watching the tracking) "THE LEADER IS 2...
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    V@R stage three - updates

    They couldn't get our Iritrack out fast enough.
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    Inconsistent rule enforcement by BITD costs me V2R win.

    No matter what the call, you will be on one side of the fence or the other. I recall pit closing times extended due to a hill climb the was clogged with cars and held up alot of the feild. If your sitting in the back of the pack due to starting order, then have to sit for 1-2 hrs till the...
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    Dixon Bros. need a Win and some luck at ‘Henderson’

    Yup, And it made me appreciate the effort and attention to safety and overall quality of racing that BITD puts into thier series.
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    WOR Vulture Mine 150

    I'm bummed I had to miss spectating this race. Right here in my back yard, too bad its the same time as Henderson. Great pics!
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    Dixon Bros. need a Win and some luck at ‘Henderson’

    You were not singled out with the points change. It affected other teams in other classes too. Blake
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    Dixon Bros. need a Win and some luck at ‘Henderson’

    If you don't like the rules, go find a series you do like the rules in and race there. Now is the time to try and change the rules for NEXT season, not last season, cause it didn't work out in your favor.
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    silver state 300 results?

    No kidding! The ruts in the silt bed were unreal! Being brand new ruts, they had real square edges that were inpossible to turn out of. I never seen so many stuck trucks and buggys. Couple nice powdery hill climbs too.
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    BITD SS 300 Tracking - Updates

    I have no idea. Not to sound grumpy or anything but I do know that for those renting the units that weren't working should make a complaint and hope to get at least a price break. I just spoke to Schueler and Steve Combs is at the finish line podium. He didn't know where he placed (we're...