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    2020 SCORE San Felipe 250

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    Class 10 only

    Hello All. So Im working on a mid engine 2.4 DI/th350/IRS diff build because of the new class 3000 rules. i have a rental class 3000 truggy (used to have a yellow body on it you may know of it) and i had just had all the stars align allowing me the absurd chance to jump in feet first into a...
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    Ecotec question for class 10

    Not class 10, but ol Pistola ran JY ecotecs in ALL the rentals. And if it wasnt known, won 2 different baja 500s with customers driving in 7200....with a JY non DI 2.4....i loved it lol. the unlimited v6 guys...not so much
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    2020 SCORE San Felipe 250

    dont know if this is appropriate to add to the thread (correct me if im wrong plz) i have a class 3000/7200 for rent with pit support for this amazing race. PM for info!!
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    Why aren't there more mid-engine buggies/open-wheel cars?

    I know most haven't heard of me, but I too am in the design stages of a ecotec/th350/diff mid engine class 10 myself. Since 3000 is dead (ish) I'm going for class 10 now.
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    It's Hightower or Torrealta

    Howdy, I've been in the desert since Parker 425 2012. First race I attended. Then I was hooked. Met a dude names Pistol and we'll, that was that. Have been involved with many teams as well and some of you may know me from races. Can not miss me as I'm 6'7" 300+lbs probably with a taco in my hand...