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  • That guy was killin me! First he's buying a Prolite, Then he turns the corner and wants to know who is racing in the class. Hahahaha
    I'm picking it up August 21. I cannot wait to get it. Should be fun...been waiting 9 months I think. How's everything going back there?
    lucas got a tv deal that they could grow on. and the key word is GOT as in have a tv package and had it set in stone a while before the first race. i know whats going on with torc, if it all goes down right they will have the "ENERGY" to get a "RED" hot series with no "BULL" if you catch my drift :) im pulling for both.
    Thanks for the neg rep!!!! makes sense to neg rep someone for speaking the truth!! There is no other tv set in stone for that series besides that live web feed. Our team wants to see both series survive as were one of the only team doing both series, i dont want another corr with empty promises.
    Ross even though I don't really know you personally...I have alot of respect for you. I just don't agree with some of your posts from time to time...

    By the way...even though i support the Lucas Series 100%...I signed up for the PDG. I will support any series, any way I can. Hopefully I'll make a Crandon and Bark River race this year.
    why can't the PDG make deals with other series, not just TORC? They wouldn't just say no. everyone in the PDG is pulling only for TORC. please dont make me go back and quote. you have to admit to that. the other series' are for everyone too, for the good of short course not just TORC.
    so drivers dictate everything? even a lot of drivers are stupid, no offense, and its not all about the drivers, the crews keep you guys on the track. how can you charge them a membership and not hear their voice?
    Dude its the same thing, i get drivers want more money down the line, but we all can't be winners. this is competition, and if it is your job too then you need to be good at it.(noy saying your not) you cant give everyone say, there are just too many stupid people to do that. i understand getting together as drivers and choosing the best place to race but your not getting all the drivers. many drivers i have gotten a hold of dont like this whole deal they just keep saying the same union crap. what happens when the crew has more members and they have the magority vote to raise their wages. then you need to fight to get your wages up and its an never ending cycle. you cant deny this is a possibilty.
    Yes it is... I never said it wasn't. Trust me, I can see why you guys want 1 series. I never said i was against it. I'm just on the other side of the fence, and have to put my time in to get on the other side with you guys...if you get my analogy on that. (I can't afford to get seat time back east)
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