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    Ecotec EFI problems......

    We started there with the basics and he is confident he ruled out an air leak. Air leak was my first suspicion because the car was running perfectly, then all of the sudden it wasn't. Obviously something has changed. I don't think he checked the fuel pressure though, I'll have him check that...
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    Ecotec EFI problems......

    Hey thanks for the reply Sean, but it's a fly by wire setup. Unfortunately, I sold this car to a kid in KS and it started acting up on him right after he bought it from me. I've been trying to help him out as he has not been able to find anyone local (in KS) that can help him. It's a 6 pin fly...
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    Ecotec EFI problems......

    I have a Redline 2.4 ecotec in a play car that has always ran perfectly until the last trip out it started this high idle problem. Car starts fine, runs fine, pulls hard but when you let off the throttle it idles at 2500 to 3000 RPM. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas and I do not have a shop...
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    SEMA Resource - DOT Rules Governing Motorsports Racing Trailers

    Lots of valuable info here, great post. I can't tell you how many discussions I've had in the pits about this. Pretty much everyone needs a CDL and all the DOT stuff that goes with it.
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    crybabbies kicked out the truggies, then DIDNT SHOW, WTF??????

    ......and this is why I'm such an RG fan.
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    Why race a Trophy Truck?

    Your problem with the current status of TT is simply explained.......You are being logical, and there is no room for logic in off road racing.
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    Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson

    Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Words to live by indeed.
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    The mystic of prerunning the Baja 500

    Gotta love Baja...Ride report I posted on the sd-dualsport website from our last ride in March, weekend following the SF250. Crazy story with a happy ending, classic Baja! Complacency rears it's ugly head....... Our mixed group of bikes and prerunner trucks had been...
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    Dualsport ride this weekend 3/29 - 3/30

    Short notice, but we are doing a dualsport ride this weekend starting in Yuma, staying in Parker Saturday night then back to Yuma on Sunday. Ride is about 175 miles each way with a fuel stop in Blythe. Our route takes us North on the AZ side then back South on the CA side. Fun route, not too...
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    Safety, and GPS

    I too am an ex racer, my last race was in 2002. I tend to agree with you in theory but the reality is taking away the GPS will not slow people down. As Cam said, the courses run today are not new and the veterans know them well. I have seen first hand how fast Rob Mac is on the old Nevada...
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    KC 66/ESPN Article

    Well written article, Alyssa did an excellent job. Being a long time MC rider and Baja fanatic KC's accident really hurts. The big take away for me was this was all started by a broken speedometer on the bike, which set off an unfortunate chain of events that led to KC's demise. My heart goes...
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    Are there any "selfmade" teams that rose to the top

    I think the best example would be Rick Huseman. I remember back in the day him going to Crandon in a BORROWED van, an open trailer, with a pro-lite he and Dan built. Rick was a working class hero for sure.
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    TTB coil over spring rates.

    If you don't get an answer here, head over to there is a wealth of TTB knowledge over there and many helpful individuals. Nice looking rig!
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    If you could change one thing....

    Nailed it ! I wrote an opinion piece to Dusty Times way back in 1997 saying basically the same thing. I was torched from every angle, people came up to me at contingency and called me a f'ing idiot to my face. This Jr.Syko is why desert racing will never EVER be mainstream, which at the...
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    GO see Dax Shepard's "Hit and Run" !!!

    So I was in Portland last weekend and had a chance to see an early screening of Hit and Run starring Dax Shepard, Kristin Bell, Tom Arnold, and Bradley Cooper among many other big stars. The movie is a blast, if you liked Smokey and the Bandit you will love Hit and Run. For us off road types...