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    149 SAM BERRI vs 1456 Brandon "AMATEUR HOUR" Aurther

    Here is what is looked like from Brandon's point of view. He would never intentionally hold up another racer. That is not how we race. Replacement String:
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    Premier"HDRA IMPERIAL250"

    Brandon Arthur & myself will be there! We'll try & bring the truck & some shirts to give away .
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    "Houston Control, we have 1450 lift-off at the Dyke Jump"

    Nice video, we were in the old ford. It was a lot of fun jumping the dike
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    Extreme Baja Kart vs. Trophy Kart

    There are a couple videos on the HRTProKart web site.
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    HRT Pro kart web site is up!

    Check it out at Let us know what you think.:cool:
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    Utv's now part of the loor series

    That's great news Lee! :D Thanks for keeping us informed.
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    NORRS announces CBS TV Schedule

    We were told that the pomona event is at the Horse racing facility, NOT in the parking lot where the CORR races were held. *Disclaimer* - we don't know if this is a fact, just repeating what we were told. :cool:
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    Extreme Baja Kart vs. Trophy Kart

    Sorry, not at this time.
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    Utv's now part of the loor series

    Rog is talking about extinguishers, not flame-out systems.
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    Torc-m4sx-lorrs for trophy karts!!

    Unless i'm blind, I don't even see anything about karts or UTVs anywhere on the TORC website. :confused: If they are running karts, 250s or 450s or both? Scott, are you guys running Sheldon's new kart in the TORC series?
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    Ride along with the Flying Banana Jr!

    No, they run the stadium lites with the two other buggy classes. Two years ago they ran them with the UTVs.
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    Dave Mason Jr wins TT 25 Kart Race!

    Congratulations to Dave Mason Jr who just won the Terrible Town 25 Kart race in his HRT Pro Kart! :D Details still coming in...... more information to follow soon. :cool:
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    Ride along with the Flying Banana Jr!

    M4SX Round 3 at Perris Auto Speedway Enjoy :D
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    HRT Pro Kart Primm video from #556 Brandon Arthur

    I'll ask our media guy, that's out of my area of expertise! :D
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    New 450 Pro Kart by HRT Motorsports

    There is a relatively short waiting list. At this time, we are not going to be building any of the JR karts. PMs sent about cost. ;)