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  • Rob I talked to Scott last week and he said no go for the first race. I still want to come out and watch though, are you going to watch?
    Not sure Mike, I'd really like to. Have a friend coming into town and have to see what the schedule looks like. Hope to see you guys out there.

    Your spindle is still on my car. I've been really sick and havent had a chance to take it off yet. Just wanted to give you the heads up brotha!
    Rob , The guy we use to use is Jim Kaforski in Anaheim, won lots of races with Dale and Darren. Including a 1600 championship. Builds Mendi's .
    Oh and another thing, I have the dry sump oil pump done. Greg @ FAT has it now. I will tell him to put in on your motor.
    Hey Rob, I got plenty of help but if you want to come and hang out, you should absolutely come!! We are gonna BBQ and have a mini bike race after the race on Saturday so you should come and hang out.
    I'll get with my dad. It is designed, just need to make the parts. Tell Greg @ FAT if you decide to use them (I think you should) you want to do dry sump and use my pump.
    PM me your email address and I will send you that pic with the S&B filter hat on, you can use it for your pic on here.
    no worries and glad i could help out. let me know when your next one is and i will see if i can make it out.
    Hey rob, if you get this before the race this weekend.Try and set up near the checkers pit in main. I have to run the main pit for the club ,so if you are close i can help you too.
    i was there when you called tom the other night, sounds like it should be a really fun race. see you there. ollie.
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