Hudson Hall!!!!

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    'Cuz I am a cantankerous old fart. Outspoken, contrarian, divisive. Politically incorrect. I'll ding you when you're up, help you when you're down. Or maybe the opposite, who knows? I'm a crackpot.

    Sure I'll be your friend, it ought be fun. You're a character, so am I. I don't need a friend, I am a friend.

    Want to make a small fortune in off-road racing? Get a big fortune.

    Want to make a big splash in off road racing? Channel Jesse Jones, reenact his Baja swan dive.

    It's all good. You oughta rent one of Petey's Baja Lites, enter it in TT, show 'em how it's done, win a race.

    Show them thar whiners a thing or two, you whippersnapping Texican. ;)

    Keep having fun!
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