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I am a retired US ARMY TECH MECH who now is taking over 20 years of modification Ideas to the next level on my Military Jeep collection.

I have logged more high speed desert driving under fire no less...LOL...then most people will ever get to do in their life time.

I love to rock crawl, trail at higher rates of speed, ford water and get into every bit of nasty mud I can...My son Nate 13 is always right their with me either racing or competeing at every level.

Restoring Military Jeeps and Mutt's or building trail Rigs from the ones thatwould need excessive body work.
Henrietta Texas
Bleddyn Cynfyn
Class I race in
I have not been in a race as of yet.
Favorite Race
The Baja 1000 is the King of all races in my book
Favorite Race Driver
To many good ones to choose honestly
Working in my shop