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  • text message sent!! :D

    ya camping after a race will be fun... jajaja I'll be dirty and sore but who cares!! :D I'm going to be floating on cloud 9 LOL :D
    Cool thanks dude! You rock :D It's the truck in my avitar Thomas Chamlee's truck :) I will find out how many people we will need I know we have a couple that have already committed... I will be heading out that Thursday night so we can wake up early Friday and prerun. I'm sure as many people as want to come hang out-we are just camping there after the race-so nothing fancy :) I will send you a text so you have my number-and you can call when you get in the area out there and I can tell you where we are-won't really know until then :)
    I know man sorry about your car :( At least it happened at the end of the season!! Man the help would be awesome-it never hurts to have an extra set of hands!! plus I'm sure with the group that will be out there the after party will be fun too :D Pat mentioned heading up but no confirmation yet :D
    Sounds fun!! SNORE group seems like a lot of fun! :D MORE Toys 4 Tots race December 6th (I think) Barstow. I'm super excited because it will be my first race as a co dawg :D LOL It seems like there will be a lot of people out there that weekend! Nick is racing too! Lots of people are coming out to watch too-I haven't been to this race but I here it is good times for a good cause! :D
    I can't remember who the fourth was. Ask Lucas, he knows. I know it was between four of us though.
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