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    Parker Tech and contingency

    If you cant visit every vendor in 2hrs then there are a hell of a lot more vendors hidning somewhere.... I talked to every person i saw in the 6hrs we were there and all said the same thing... why is this taking so long? The vendors have nothing to worry about by speeding up the line a few hours.
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    whats the shannon campbell/weyrich story

    I'm gonna echo what Pat said... BITD needs to take speeding in the pits seriously if they are going to have a 25mph rule... we spent way too much time in dust to have it all go away because we adhered to the rules when others did not!
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    Booya Count at Parker Drivers Meeting.

    Does that mean that you get to crash Ramsey's TL????
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    2011 Parker 425

    According to Casey.... Endo'd twice.... one guy sitting in the back was airlifted out complaining of back pain. Injury was not thought to be serious.
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    **OFFICIAL** Vegas to Reno picture thread

    Re: Bink Designs 2010 BITD Vegas To Reno Photos Funny I kinda thought it looked good, not too busy but catchy enough to see flying past!
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    splitting driving in a single seater

    Billy your an animal... why are you going to give up the drivers seat???
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    Super Croc 2012

    Thats funny because Autozone... Oh nevermind
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    BMS Offroad Midnight Special Race Report

    You two need to get a room....
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    OFFICIAL SNORE Midnight Special info thread!

    Re: Snore midnight special event outline Scared Billy???
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    racepak question

    I'm by no means a racepac expert but think of it as a display that needs something to send it the information like an ecu... I'm gonna guess here but I assume you can have the software in your ecu configured to display on a race pac.
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    Just talked to Kyle he said stop writting checks his ass cant cash...
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    I'm in... and the motor is even out of my car right now!!!
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    Poor Class 10 racers... allways the butt of the jokes
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    Ahhh man now your going to bring math in to this???? ;)
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    Doubtful, I looked into the whole ecotec thing and passed so unless this turns out to be a money saver I wouldn't be doing it... I get tired of the whole aurgument that any change will bring the sky falling I was told it was going to be a production based motor used in a 2012 ford car but...