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    Who makes the best TT today?

    Driver with no downtime wins. #luck #skill #prep #support (no order) Any TT MFG that has won in past 3y is capable. perfected AWD is another story...
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    Baja 1000 race day thread

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    SCORE IV250 2015

    I just got sent this video from the guys in Brenthel Pit.
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    The 2017 FORD Raptor Revealed!

    That Titan is butt ugly, that only a mother could love.
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    New Class in BITD

    They should allow buggies in 6100 and trucks in this class and call it a day. spec 2.0L, spec 6.2L, unlimited open, TT. class problem solved.
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    I'll come have a beer simply cause your here.
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    Rugged Radios spamming up Shop-Electrical Forum?

    Every time I see those spammy posts it just makes me want to go spend my money at PCI that much more.
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    Will class 6100 let us in????

    I always thought we should have 6 classes Spec 4 Cyl Buggy Spec 8 Cyl Buggy Unlimited Buggy Spec 4 Cyl Truck Spec 8 Cyl Truck Unlimited Truck Seems pretty simple and after a few years those other class specific vehicles end up elsewhere.
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    Will class 6100 let us in????

    We should drop 7200 and run with 6100. BIG/Turbo V6 or Spec V8 Run what you brung. NO buggies in class.
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    So stoked for Pab and the DA!

    Well deserved finish.
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    turbos allowed in SCORE for 2015 and beyond???

    Run what you brung.
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    Brenthel chase truck

    I drive one of those chase trucks often and we have plenty of experience and barely ever even make any highway passes unless safe and controlled. Very Professional Team this post is BS. Like another poster said talk to Jonathan or Jordan I am sure they will get to the bottom of it if it was...
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    I drive by here everyday and still can't believe he did this..

    huge balls of steel
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    PAC Springs/Swaybars

    We ordered custom springs from them shipped in like 3 weeks. On the truck now. Fox recommended them, as they had sizes others didn't.