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  • You have got to have one of the best personalities. Too bad they do a Mr. Congeniality award in desert racing - you would win hands down. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    milagro que te dejas ver en RDC, pinchis tiempos estan cab***, perdi mi jale in marzo...I haven't been able to afford any races this year

    good luck in laughlin, wish I could go and ride
    Gera, Awesome Job on finishing this year! I was watching you all day on IRC, Gotta say, I wish I was there. We want to help you out in the pits at the next race, whether it be at vegas or in baja! Saludos Compa!
    I feel safe in Mexico with you, hahahahaha

    No 500 for me this year compa, I might go into escrow next week on a new home

    Suerte, bring home another 500 win
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