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    DAKAR Caption Contest -> WIN Stuff

    . . . and its so light I can push it back on its wheels by myself!
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    Carbon arc gouging question

    Thermite This would be cheap, if you could get the cab/block angled so thermite could work. Haven't had anything to do with it but 2200 degrees is going to have an effect.
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    Stop, Hammer Time!

    Wooow. . . cool dude, but I dropped your beer.
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    what is the common % on splitting the travel

    What would a safe compression stroke be if you know your intended use, I seems competition cars have around 10 to 12 inches this figures with give you a definitive shock load at full bump that is to say if the spring pressure is 200lb with 10 inches of preload that's 1000lbs and for another 10...
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    17 year old's Indiegogo campaign

    Well said Biffgnar, walk before you run. Having said that let me say this - Well done - Nice graphic. Getting on the table with some promotion is a realistic step. Perspective from a young age is a difficult thing so factoring in Biffgnar's advice will help getting the end game into an idea...
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    How about a Rally Fighter for Dakar?

    Watching youtube and put two and two together, Maybe. How would a Rally Fighter team go at Dakar, sounds like it would hit all the right points. Put the steering wheel on the right side and you could sell them world wide after that sort of exposure.
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    aussie build

    Nice looking build Dags, keep us posted.
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    Dakar 2013 - Stage 4 - Nazca, Peru -> Arequipa, Peru

    Ok - 8 stages like stage 3 and RGs the man, bad stages are done with. The Orange Brick is on the charge - Go RG
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    Tire Combos

    Trailer tyres seem to get a good mention, so I was woundering if anyone has used M/T 31x7.50-15 Baja Belted HP Tires 28lb. Off topic. . . they seem good like a front option?
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    Car 149 Fire Baja 1000 Danny Ebberts

    This is part of the CAMS (Australian) regs, I relise more rules don't always make us safer just thought if it may be worth looking at: 4.6 Refuelling: The following regulations apply to any operation that involves refuelling and/or the removal/ opening of a fuel filler cap: (i) Refuelling...
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    Video: Formula Offroad from Iceland

    I relise its cold, but why cant they have heaters like everyone else. The incredible Flamo sets another hot lap. Dam natives. . . what drums say. Right, now choke off. Has it got fuel, . . Ok spark. White smoke. . . that's good right. and the classic. . . don't worry it'll buff out.
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    what to use to help keep mud from sticking

    Silcon polish/spray is a good item for shocks, nice finish and if you put it on a day or two before use, it dries and won't catch as much dust. Should work on body panels and under body.
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    Waterworld turtles then gets sucked out to sea

    Trick is to get the front into the water as much as possible to decrease drag.
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    DIRT sandwich

    Wonder what champagne and fesh fesh is like.
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    Vespa Baja 1000

    Stupid idea. . . I want one. Who's got one mapped out, and you'll would need a pre-runner as well, maybe a Honda Cub with a screen.