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  • Hey when are you gunna race that bad ass truck of yours? its definately one of my favorites! i love class 8.
    No, offense, Dan, intended that I recommended some one else. I have known the Steve Silvia for quite awhile, and his lovely spouse since 1958 or so. I don't know the history of your RE career. Good luck in your endeavors, my understanding is that the bottom of the markets in the IE and PHX metro have been heating up recently, but it seems that financed deals are taking a more traditional length of time to close than in the run up to the peak.
    Check out www.FuelAction.com when you get a chance. I just started it and I am trying to get it going, you can post photos, videos, and do the same stuff you can do on facebook. .


    I'm not sure yet. We are definitely planning to race the Nevada 1000 this year. Depends on what type of sponsorship opportunities we line up.
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