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  • how could you look at that leopard speedo and call me dumass hahahahahaah thanks for negin me . i was gettin to much green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I pit with SWU/FLAT IRON 701 SCORE 7219 BITD and MCMILLIN (STARTED IN 1976 WITH MY DAD) was out for a while got back in about 1.5 years ago with my life long buddys have a good week-end Bob
    I have been working with the T&J's crew for about 15 years. We have had many numbers and trucks in different classes. We have been running the Jeepspeed series scince it started in 2000. We curently are using 3701 and 1701 depending on what class we run in.
    Who are you and what team do you pit for?
    It is discouraging to get involved with the land use issue at all. I still care, but am mostly burnt out, and don't actively participate much anymore. And with the huge popularity of OHV's in general, we are often our own worst enemy.

    I do get peeved when the young accuse us of doing nothing the last 50 years. All OHV's would be history if we had just sat by the sidelines as we were outlawed.
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